There are 3006 Counties in the United States of America, 64 Parishes, 19 organized boroughs, 11 census areas, 41 independent cities and the District of Columbia. 


Our 2020 VISION is to connect One Point Elder working together in Unity with three other Pastor/Elders in each of the 3124 County Seats of the United States by the year 2020!


Our Vision is to have one Point Elder working together with a G-12 Government of 12 Pastor/Elders in every major city  (population of 100,000 plus) of the United States by 2020.


Our Vision is to connect these Seated Elders County Seat by County Seat in the Counties of each individual State.


Our Vision is to Convene an Assembly of Elders State by State July 4, 2020.


Our Vision is to See a National Congress of Biblical Elders from the County Seats of America to Convene in Oklahoma City September 1-3, 2020.


To see our “Mission and Strategy” please click on the “Mission” tab and you will see the “Why” and “How” we are working with Elders/Pastors in each of the County Seats of America.